We Are Born of Women

By Miss Kioi

We are born of women, raised by women. So tell me why, why do we mistreat our women, rape our women, abuse our women, and beat our women? What is it that makes a random woman, a wife, a girlfriend different from our sisters, our mothers our sisters? Why is it acceptable to show an act of violence against these women, but we get so raging mad when the same befalls our mothers? Must she be of blood relations to respect her? I am tired of hearing cases on the news every evening, how an 80 year old woman was raped! Another 6moth old baby was defiled because some ignorant fool somewhere believes she could cure him of his AIDS! Is this really our society? Do you want this to be your reality?

I believe if we change our attitudes towards women, we could bring a significant reduction of the cases of violence. If we cultivate an attitude where, every woman we see, we treat as our mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, perhaps we will see their worth? Treat them right?



I also challenge us women. Before criticizing men out there, have we done our part? Have we taught our men proper values? I know I’ll instill in my son a culture of respect for women. Teach him that violence is only but an act of cowardice. It shows insecurity & low self-esteem in a man, that he needs to instill fear in a woman using his physical strength & prowess in order to feel good about himself. To feel strong, able and in control. No, that’s the highest level of cowardice.

It starts with me, with you! Do your part! Let’s put an end to violence against our women, let’s color our world orange. Let us speak up, and let us pray for God’s redemption, and guidance!

The movement has begun!

25th November marks the first day of the 16 days of activism against violence towards women around the world.


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