What goes inside the baby bag.

When one is a first time mother there are a lot of things that you do as trial and error and later on you laugh about them when you remind yourself of all the things you did or did not do. A few weeks to the due date all mothers are usually EXTREMELY anxious and you find them packing their bags getting ready to bring their love into this world. I decided not to do that because looking at that bag would have made me more anxious so when I realized that what I was having were contractions and not my son pinching me to see if I knew what pain is, that is when I started packing my bags for the hospital and sadly I forgot a lot of things that I realized hours later. So I am going to be a darling to all new mothers to be (because in a few months Amira is going to receive new borns!! Sooo excited about this!) And give you a list of all things to put in your baby bags. 🙂

Carry comfortable clothes to wear after delivery. Honestly I hated the hospital gowns, mine were green and next to my right breast had the name of the hospital and at the bottom maternity ward, I think just in case you decided to run away, lol. They would know where you came from. Labor can do crazy things to a noble woman. So I have heard. Anyway, I did not like mine they were not so soft, so it would be better if you carry yours and preferably the bottom ones like a short could be black in case you leak.

P.s make sure they are comfortable, loose fitting and you will have an easier time breastfeeding the baby.

If you and I share in the same sentiments and you happen to have your feet swell then it will be better if you carry sleepers or comfortable sandals. The hospital I was in was kind enough to give every mother a pair but just in case. You need to be as comfortable as possible.



Nursing aids which will involve the breast pads, you will soon realize that a human being can leak. Lol.. So you would need that to absorb the milk just in case, a nursing bra would make sure you are comfortable and before you get used to the positions of breast feeding you might also like to pack your nursing pillow with you.

Cameras!! You need to capture the moment. Some people love to take videos but I do not think it as such a great idea to video tape yourself in labor and the whole birth process but if you are okay with it then for sure do not forget a video camera.



Something to entertain you. Could be a magazine, a book, an iPod just as you wait for the contractions to really kick in. Advisable though that when baby comes you sleep while she sleeps but just in case you are up and she is still asleep, they will keep you company. You can also carry your laptop with you to watch a movie or a song on YouTube.

Your own pillow. The hospital one was quite hard for me.

Snacks, oh my hospitals just do not have snacks at random, they give you liquids and more liquids and some food which of course you lack the appetite for at that time however delicious it may look to others. Have fresh fruits and juices by your side. Would not recommend anything so sugary just yet.



Toiletries. Your tooth brush, toothpaste, soap. Sanitary towels, lotion and mouth wash. If you are a makeup person unlike myself carry your makeup kit so that you receive your visitors looking all glam. You don’t want them to know how you had a rough time some few hours ago, no wonder they call it labor. Have you seen the faces of most ladies in maternity wards? We look so tired, that is all. So a little pampering of yourself before the visitors come is not a bad idea. Panties are also very important, choose comfortable ones as well and if you can also get disposable ones. Though I know most hospitals provide sanitary towels, just in case you do not end up liking them much you have yours as back up because some of them are quite bulky. Your towel and face towel is also very important.

Baby clothes which would be better if you mix them up a little so that they are different sizes. Carry as many as you can because sometimes babies can mess the ones they have up really fast.





Anything else I have forgotten mummies??



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    thanks Amira!

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