A few years back, the closest I came to learn about family planning was a pictorial advert. It was divided into two. On one side it had a man who looked like he had his life together. He had two kids and a beautiful wife and behind him was a mansion. As if that wasn’t enough he had a luxurious car parked at the side of his house. On the right of the same poster though, there was a man with about 8 kids. They were all looking miserable with torn clothes and behind him was a house but his was a hut that appeared to be falling apart. Of course no car parked by the side of his house. Family planning is advantageous to you economically from that specific advert. Imagine the resources you have sharing them among 4 people instead of 12 people in the family. The one who is sharing a few thousands among 4 people is far much better off than one sharing a few thousands among 12 people.

There have been a lot of myths surrounding family planning (especially if it is not the natural methods) and a lot of people mostly like to mention the negative sides of it. I do not dispute the fact that yes, everything has both negative and positive sides but for now, I will focus on the benefits of taking on family planning.

For me the most important one is recovery time for you as a mother. When you space your children you give your body enough time to recover, in terms of the nutrients lost and energy. Some people have said the whole birth experience is traumatic and for that your body should be given ample time to recover. I had to be removed one tooth for the calcium levels in my body went down at some point and I wasn’t eating enough as I was required to. At that time I was still breastfeeding faithfully and whoosh I started experiencing tooth ache here and there and before I knew it, there goes my tooth.

Times are hard these days and raising a child a few years back did not require so much as today. I was shocked to learn that the price for maize meal flour is now close to 150kshs.  You are then able to give your children the best when you family plan. This is in terms of the resources you have which can be both in terms of money and also time. You will see you have more time for yourself and your bae as well 🙂 . You can even advance personally in fields that you are passionate about.

Prevents unwanted and early pregnancies. Some of the women who get pregnant young, their bodies have not yet matured resulting to  health complications during pregnancy and also birth. Due to this some may die. It therefore helps  to reduce such instances.

Increase in population puts pressure on the environment and the resources that are available such as health and education. The government ends up having an issue when it has to take care of a large population. (Forgive me, I am an economic major 🙂 ). Though, this also has its own economic benefits when it comes to growing the economy sometimes but in this case it the bad over powers the good.

For married people, you get to enjoy sex more because you are not worried of unwanted pregnancies.

At the end of the day family planning is not only for the ladies but even men should participate in it. Look at an ad I found on google the other day.

Image result for family  planning ads

Any other family planning benefits you know of? Let us talk.



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